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St Peter's School

Year 9 Business Studies

The year 9 Introducing Business course is intended to provide students with a foundation in Business so that they are able to progress with added confidence into GCSE courses in years 10 and 11. A wide variety of topics provide breadth rather depth of knowledge and understanding. Students are taught in a well equipped computer room and have access to a variety of textbooks and resources. Work is internally assessed throughout the course.

Topics include:

Starting a new business – how different businesses are owned and controlled, as well as the stakeholders who have an interest in the business.

Marketing a product – how businesses find out their customer needs through market research, then target their customers to advertise and promote their products.

Location of production – how businesses decide where to set up and the methods of production that they then employ.

Why people work – this explores the reasons for people to work and the laws that protect them.

Motivating people at work – this section explores theories of motivation as well as the financial and non-financial ways in which businesses motivate their workers.

Recruitment and selection – a study of the process involved in choosing the best worker to employ and the training that they are likely to subsequently receive.

Costs and break-even – this section involves a consideration of the costs of running a business and how they work out how many goods need to be sold to start making a profit.

Budgets and cashflow – how businesses plan for the future so that they can predict whether they are likely to make a profit and also to avoid running short of cash.

Communication in business - a consideration of the methods by which businesses communicate and the factors that help and hinder good communication.

Business growth and decline – how businesses are affected by the state of the economy and the role of Government in managing business growth and decline.

Consumer protection – how the government acts to protect consumers through a variety of laws

Technology in the workplace – how the growth of computers has enabled businesses to improve the way they produce goods and bring them to the attention of the customer.



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