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St Peter's School

Year 9


The Options process has now been completed with all students receiving their KS4 options in the post. The options process went incredibly well with 92% of the year group turning out to attend options evening, the highest St Peter’s has ever seen. This is indeed a compliment to the students and the support that they receive at home from their parents / guardians.

The careers team were incredibly complimentary of the students and have said that they went through the process in an very mature manner, reflecting on their initial options and making informed decisions about the final options that they want to do in KS4.

Although options have been chosen, as student will not  be starting these courses until year 10, there is still an opportunity for students to change their minds. Pupils who feel that they would like to amend their options should see Mr Barnard or Miss Gentry, this information can then be passed on to assess whether the change would be possible. Pupils will be informed either way of the outcome should the change be achievable or not.


Year Team

From June there will be a change to the year teams. In the transition to Year 10, students will become part of KS4 and therefore will inherit and KS4 year team. Mr Cuthbert and Mrs Weaver will be taking on responsibility of Year 9 from this point. A letter will be sent out near the time to confirm the transition and when it will take place.




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