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St Peter's School

Year 9

Year 9 Options

Students embarking on Key Stage 4 will be making important decisions about their future in the coming weeks. Choices made now will affect their achievement, enjoyment and career path.

A student’s success at Key Stage 4 is vitally important when employers, schools, colleges and universities make decisions on candidates’ suitability. Therefore, it is essential that students, parents and the school work together to ensure the best Information Advice and Guidance (IAG) is provided. Collectively, we must ensure that every student’s progress is maximised whilst receiving every opportunity to succeed. Below is a timeline of events that will take place in order to ensure that the process is smooth and successful. It will also allow students to make an informed and confident choice.


Timeline for choices

10th January- Year 9 Parents Evening

24th January- Year 9 Options Evening

An opportunity to access further information on specific

courses and discuss with course leaders.

30th January- Option Interviews begin.

Individual interviews to discuss future career paths and make

decisions on courses.

6th March- Options Timetable created

Look at option blocks and discuss choices.

25th March Choices confirmed


English Baccalaureate

This is a government initiative to encourage students to study

the following combination of qualifications:

• English

• Maths

• Science

• A Modern Language (French)

• A Humanities subject (Geography and History)

At St Peter’s we believe that each student should choose subjects that best suit their academic potential and interests, to allow them to progress onto Further or Higher Education or employment.

Students who aspire to pursue their studies at university must be aware that some universities not only base their offers on post 16 exam results (A levels and level 3Technicals) but also on the results that a student achieves in the English Baccalaureate subjects. Progress and Attainment 8

Students’ performance is measured on their progress from Key Stage 2 and attainment at Key Stage

4 (Year 11) across 8 subjects. Where appropriate, most students will be encouraged to opt for a broad and balanced curriculum choice. All students will follow a core choice of English, Maths and Science.


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