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St Peter's School

Year 7


At St Peter’s School we know that the transition from Primary School to Secondary School is paramount. The Year 7 team have offered numerous opportunities for students to experience St Peter’s school before their September start.


On the 24th June and 1st July 2016 our prospective Year 6 students had the opportunity to have a day of creativity. Students took part in a cross-arts project where they experienced Music, Art or Drama, this day was all centred around the Lion King as a stimulus. Students had the opportunity to try African print making in Art, to make African music on the Macs in the Music suite and to make shadow theatre in Drama.

All students took part in this opportunity and started to experience school life and get to know new people who would also be attending St Peter’s.


At St Peter’s we understand how important it is to create a smooth transition to Secondary school. That is why we offer our Year 6s taster days. This year prospective students had the opportunity to experience a whole day at St Peter’s school. Students attended four school lessons in a range of subjects and got to know new children, staff and the school. These taster days were very successful and supported our  Year 7s feeling confident about Secondary school life.


As a Year 7 team we know how important it is to get to know the students coming to us on an individual basis. This year we visited the local primary schools and completed a challenge with the students. This was a great opportunity for the students to have another chance to ask the team any additional questions about school but also for the team to see how the students operate at primary school. The students took part in the spaghetti tower challenge. Teams won prizes for the most creative structure, the tallest tower and best team work.


It is important for parents to feel reassured that secondary schools can support their child’s needs. At St Peter’s we offered coffee mornings for parents to attend and meet the SENCO and specialist teaching team that would be supporting children with additional needs.


All children react differently to the prospect of attending secondary school. At St Peter’s the Year 7 team have offered additional visits to parents and students. We have offered both small groups and individual tours. If you feel your child would benefit from this please contact the school.


The first week of secondary school can be a daunting time for students but as a school we support this transition being smooth and positive for all.

  • On the first day students meet their Head of Year and talk about expectations
  • Year 7s are picked up from the hall by Year 11 tutees and given another tour around the school to familiarise themselves
  • Students were escorted by the Year 11 ambassadors to all lessons in the first week
  • Students are given additional walking time and all staff are on hand to help students find their lessons if they are lost
  • Lunchtimes are extended for Year 7 in the first week. This is to allow Year 7 to get to the canteen first.
  • It is important that the Year 7 team know how students feel about school and therefore regular student voice activities take place
  • Regular visits to lessons by the Head of Year and Student Support managers in order to support transitions
  • Meetings with parents/guardians/carers where necessary




“Although its different to primary school and I got lost, lost of older children have helped me. I have really enjoyed Science, it’s one of my favourite subjects. I’ve enjoyed making friends and meeting my teachers as they are all really nice. If I’ve had a problem its all been sorted out. My first week has been really good.” Alesha Watson

“My first week at St Peter’s has been really exciting. I’ve had new lessons and met new people. I’ve really enjoyed my lessons. I’ve loved all my lessons like French, Science and English for example. We’ve already done cool experiments and spoken French!” Andrei Elekes

“I’ve had a nice first week. I’ve made some friends already and had good lessons.  I get help in my lessons if I put my hand up. The older children have helped me around the school. If I was on my own on the playground they have helped me find friends. I’ve had help with my homework from teachers and I have really enjoyed my lessons.” Elitha Sibanda

“It’s been a really nice first week because I’ve had fun in my lessons. I thought I might be bad at some of my lessons but I have been ok. I have played with older kids and have had a nice time.” David Ca

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HOMEWORK CLUB: Homework club is run three times a week every week for Year 7. This is an opportunity for student’s to gain some additional support with their homework, use a computer and the libraries resources for research and get it done in plenty of time!

If you would like to attend homework club please join us on Monday, Wednesday or Friday 3.05-4.05pm in the library.

STRETCH AND CHALLENGE: In November 2016 a new programme will start to support our most able students. This will involve exciting additional lessons in Maths, Science and English on a weekly basis. This opportunity will allow students to gain further learning experiences to fast track their learning. Parents will be contacted shortly.


In the Year 7 and SEND team we understand that students learn in different ways. This year our SEND students have been given the opportunity to have weekly learning experiences outside the classroom. This includes boat building, paddle boarding, trips to an Alpaca farm and Tesco’s Farm to Fork scheme. Students’ are already reaping the benefits of this with new found confidence.



  • Ofsted Chief Inspector visits Cambridgeshire secondary school to launch annual Ofsted report

    Ofsted Chief Inspector of Schools Amanda Spielman chose to visit St Peter’s School in Huntingdon to launch her first Ofsted annual report in recognition of the rapid improvements at the school.

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