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St Peter's School

Year 10 and 11 Business Studies

Students are assessed by producing three portfolios of work, the first deadline, for the Investigating Business unit, being February, 2013.  Students will not sit an examination in this course.

A study of a real business, why it is located there and how its location can be improved. This includes work on ownership, aims, competitors and the organisation of the business. We shall study Admiral Homespace.

Unit 4 Communication in Business

A study of a DJ business which includes work on how this business would communicate with its customers and obtain the resources that it would need to operate. This will include internet research and presentations of your ideas. 

Unit 11 Customer Service

A study of customer service in a chosen business – how customers are attracted and kept satisfied.

If possible, we will visit Thorpe Park as part of your course. This will give you the opportunity to see how a real life business looks after its customer. Students study three lessons a week.

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