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St Peter's School

Summary of exam results

Post 16 exam success

Our exam results in 2017 demonstrate the success of our students:

28% A*-A

Vocational value added of +0.8

Academic increased point score to 26.3


Exam Summary

Year 12 Resit English and Maths GCSE are higher than national standards


Value added


St Peter’s School









Year 11 Progress

Our students continue to demonstrate their potential when supported by higher quality teaching.  Our projections which are based on externally verified full GCSE exam papers which are randomly selected by the Deputy Head Teacher with responsibility for assessment and incorporate higher boundary thresholds than those applied when the exam papers were actually set.  

The Government measure the progress students make nationally and then compare an individual school against this measure, with zero being the national average.  The 2017 Year 11 results for St Peter’s School have been calculated as being above the national average by:

English +0.44 of a grade

Maths +0.6 of a grade

This calculation clearly demonstrates that when compared to all schools nationally St Peter’s School is supporting its students to achieve better results than if they attended most other secondary schools in the country.

Our Year 11 students in 2017 again demonstrated their ability through their examination results:




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