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St Peter's School

Student Leadership

What is student leadership?

Student leadership will be seen in several different aspects of school life.  The appointment of the Head Boy and Girl team from the Sixth Form will oversee all of the student leaders.  This is seen as a prestigious role and the appointed students will represent the school at the highest level.  The Head Boy and Girl will meet regularly with the Headteacher to discuss issue raised by the student council.

The student leadership teams will have the opportunity to display the key attributes of any leader:

  • Communication
  • Role model
  • Responsibility
  • Problem solving



We want to give students the opportunity to take responsibility, build resilience and to contribute to the school and wider community. They will be able to model the skills and attributes required to work at the highest level.  It will also widen their horizons and allow them to develop their CV.

What does it look like?

Who is involved?

Students from Years 13-10 will have an opportunity to contribute to these areas in several ways.  The aim is for each Leader to lead a team of students.


Several key criteria will be looked to judge the impact of Student Leadership:

  • Attendance
  • Behaviour statistics
  • Progress of intervention groups
  • Student Voice



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