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St Peter's School


Aims of STRIVE

Students within STRIVE will receive a bespoke education ensuring they are set up to feel included and supported within our small community.

We aim to raise attendance and reduce exclusions by offering an array of opportunities that will re-engage the students back into education, improve their attitude and get them ready to learn. Included in this is a mentoring support program which aims to address any issues which could be a barrier to their success.

Our long term aim once the students have gained confidence in their abilities is to ensure they are able to access as many qualifications as possible, this will improve their chances post 16 for employability, further education and reduce the chance of them becoming NEET. We do as much of this within year 10 as possible, leaving year 11 available for work experience.

Education plan


Students will study Maths, English and Science to GCSE level; in addition to this they will be given the opportunity to complete functional skills courses in English and Maths alongside ITQ. This will ensure that they are given the best opportunity to achieve within these core subjects.

The main focus would be on Year 11 students completing their GCSE’s; this will be achieved by them receiving the maximum lessons possible taught by mainstream teachers.

Year 10 will concentrate on GCSE and functional skills Maths and English with a view to completing this by the end of the year. 

KS3 students will follow a bespoke timetable to include all areas of the curriculum. They will touch on some GCSE work from year 9 giving them plenty of time and opportunity to achieve Qualifications from level 1 AQA Awards to GCSE’s. This will be staffed by mainstream teachers where possible and members of the department. They will also be given an Enrichment program, this will include life skills, team building work experience. This is currently Grafham water activity centre, Cooking, Volunteer Park Ranger, Gardening, Sport and Orienteering



Year 11 students will continue with their options

Year 10 options will be determined by the individual student choosing from the Foundation Pathway. This will include:

  • Children’s Development
  • Travel and Tourism
  • Hair and Beauty
  • Sports Award



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