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St Peter's School

SPS Record Label - NUMU

Coming Soon...

NUMU – A Music Label for SPS!

“NUMU is the safe online space for students to showcase their talents and develop Music, ICT, Literacy and Enterprise skills.” – NUMU

We will have an exclusive, updateable area of NUMU to celebrate and promote music at St. Peter's School.

We will have the opportunity to

  • Set up and run our own online publishing and record label
  • Upload and promote original music
  • Allow our students to communicate and collaborate with peers
  • Assess student progress

“Whether they are interested in creating music, publishing, or marketing and promoting, NUMU allows students to develop skills in accordance with their strengths and apply them to a real life situation with a global audience.” - NUMU

“We believe in the power of Enterprise Learning” - NUMU

Learning through activity based projects encourages decision making, team work and delegation, problem solving and acknowledging financial considerations and other desirable skills employers look for. NUMU allows young people to experience the real-life consequences of their decisions.

"NUMU is about sharing ideas and collaborating within a safe and secure network. It is a positive environment, which encourages individual development." - NUMU


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