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St Peter's School

Professional Development

We passionately believe that professional development will bring about those changes to our professional practice that will have the positive impact upon students’ progress that will allow them to secure higher quality outcomes.

This professional development may come from:

  • Working with lead practitioners or Specialist Leaders of Education from the local Teaching School Alliance
  • Colleagues from local schools
  • Fellow colleagues within the school who work together in ‘Change Teams.’

Professional development for all our teaching and associate staff is a priority in ensuring our students achieve their potential.



Head of History

I joined St Peters School in September 2003 as a NQT and am now a Head of department within the school. During that time I have seen a great deal of change, all for the better, but one thing that has remained constant is the supportive nature of the staff and common drive for the school to be the best it can be. A significant feature of the school is the consistent ambition to develop the school, and to never be satisfied with just enough improvement, this has been aided by an investment in the staff through external CPD provision such as the opportunities for DET courses, NPQML and NPQSL as well as a comprehensive in house CPD programme. Collaboration between staff is encouraged, and is one of the things that makes St Peters the success is it, as colleagues work together in departments, but also have opportunities to work with other colleagues from across the school to share ideas and strategies. Being part of the Cam Academy Trust has provided an additional avenue for this support, and we have been able to share CPD days, as well as take part in peer reviews across the schools within the Trust. I have loved being part of the St Peters team, and that is one of the things that has made me be part of the school for such a long time.

History NQT

I am thoroughly enjoying my time at St Peters School! The dynamic of the school is very welcoming. The staff are approachable and the students are warm and always willing to learn. It is very much clear that their learning is a priority.


2nd Year English Teacher

Moving from Canada, learning the ins and outs of an entirely new curriculum and adjusting to a different culture were all things that I was dreadfully nervous about as the Autumn term of 2014 quickly approached!  All of my worries were quickly put to rest as the staff at St. Peter's were not only supportive in regards to helping me plan and teach lessons, but they also played a major role in helping me to explore British customs and values.  Not only were my colleagues a great support system, but there were (are) constant opportunities for developing my teaching and behaviour management skills.  Within the first few months I attended CPD sessions on differentiation, safeguarding, and teaching EAL along with several others.  I never felt alone at St. Peters.  If a difficult lesson emerged, support could always be found just around the corner. 

I am currently in my second year at St. Peter's School and see many positive improvements occurring daily.

English Teacher

I was hired at St Peter's as part of a teacher training provider in 2015 and since this moment St Peter's have been fully invested in developing me as a teacher- through my training year, my NQT year and beyond. I have been offered opportunities that as a relatively new teacher I never expected to receive- such as prestigious middle leader training early into my career and I am consistently being offered relevant and high quality CPD to continue to evolve my pedagogy. St Peter's as a school have pushed me to become the most effective teacher I can; allowing me time and space to reflect on my own practice with peers and to work with others across the school to consider how we can most benefit the students we teach. Their complete faith in me as a teacher has been evident throughout. 

English Teacher

Ever since I trained as a PGCE student here, I have loved working at St Peter’s school. One of the major draws of the school was the supportive and caring nature of the staff who surrounded me. They have constantly given me the belief to make the most out of my own ability and to develop myself as a teacher. Yet, above this, the most alluring aspect of St Peter’s is the students. Their constant desire to improve, challenge themselves and strive to do better is a pleasure to work with every day. Working with them ensures that I too am constantly striving to be better and, fundamentally, I would not be the teacher I am today without them.



National Professional Qualification Middle Leadership case study

I was given the opportunity to do the NPQML whilst being a classroom teacher at St Peters school. Which made me feel very valued as at the time I had no TLR. I was well supported by the school and had regular 1:1 meetings with my mentor, who gave me comprehensive guidance and advice on how to deal with specific issues I encountered. There was also group training sessions with other staff who were completing the NPQML and the external trainer. These were very useful and enabled us to review the content of the course and relate it to St Peters and our specific projects.

I enjoyed undertaking my project which was outside of my department. Although this did create additional workload it enabled me to make many contacts of other teachers and staff in different departments. Which gave me an understanding of  different facets of the school. The project also gave me some understanding of how to manage people and refreshed my project management skills that I had developed from my previous jobs roles in industry.

The NPQML has made me more confident in my leadership abilities and also identified things I am good at as well as highlighting areas that I could develop. I now have a TLR within my department and am using the skills that I learnt. I would definitely encourage other teachers and staff to consider the course.


National Professional Qualification of Senior Leadership case study

I started my NPQSL in September 2014 a couple of weeks into my first term as an Associate Head Teacher. At that time I was Head of Year 11 as well as taking on whole school responsibilities for Teacher Training Routes, Middle Leadership development and Attendance as part of the Associate Role. My career to that point had centred on pastoral leadership and whilst I felt confident dealing with students the challenges of planning and developing staff was an area that I felt I needed to devote some time and attention to.

I attended 6 face:face NPQSL sessions across the next year or so with 5 other candidates from other schools. It was a fantastic opportunity to share experiences, good and bad, and to reflect on the reasons for varying levels of success. The face:face sessions, background reading and online learning developed my understanding of some of the finer nuances of leadership and management and have impacted significantly on the way I approach my work with different colleagues in the school.

I feel that the key development however was the focus at each session and over the duration of the course on my project. As part of the NPQSL I was required to run a whole school project over at least two terms that linked into the School Improvement Plan. My project was centred on developing the middle leadership team at the school and increasing the skills, capacity and succession opportunities for middle leadership at the school. This was a role I had taken on already but by working through the NPQSL modules and sessions it encouraged me to justify my decisions more carefully and think about different solutions to each issue. Discussing my plans with colleagues in other schools, including local secondaries, primaries and the private sector encouraged me to pull in a range of sources of training and alternative progression routes so that staff who wanted to could benefit from a high quality, well recognised course at key stages of their teaching career.

When I started the NPQSL I was worried about the additional workload on top of the other responsibilities I had taken on but I found that by doing a little ebit of work every week and adding in evidence to my project as and whenI could the impact of the project was greatly reduced.

I am pleased to say that as part of my course we now encourage a number of colleagues to complete the NPQSL and NPQML each year and this is having a positive impact across the school as their development projects have an effect but also as the reasoning, skills and understanding of the Middle Leadership team develop.


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