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St Peter's School

Ofsted Report - March 2017

This is a Good School!


Thank you to our wonderful students for working hard with us every day to learn more and exceed your own expectations.

Thank you to our incredible staff who make the school safe, clean and a place where students are encouraged to aspire for great things.

Thank you to our parents and carers who make sure their children come to school every day, ready to learn.

Thank you to our visitors, who work with us, are inspired by our students and staff and leave with a different understanding of our brilliant school.







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  • Safeguarding is now effective and leaders are tenacious in their actions to keep students safe (Click here)

    • (The school) have been unrelenting in improving the provision for pupils at St Peter’s School. Consequently, this is a school that is improving strongly and sustainably over time.
    • Effective Leadership throughout the school(…) has secured continued improvements most notably in science, middle leadership, teaching, achievement and behaviour.
    • The 6th from continues to build on its many strengths. Achievement, teaching and pastoral care in the 6th form are securely good.

  • Safeguarding is now not only effective, but a real strength of the school (Click here)

    • Leaders’ work is maintaining the good standards in teaching
    • Leaders are working successfully to better engage parents
    • The school now champions best practice in safeguarding
    • School improvement is deep rooted and systematic
    • The (safeguarding) curriculum is very thorough teaching pupils to protect themselves, both in the community and online.
    • Leaders continue to “grow” their own staff and leaders through training and development
  • Teaching, learning and assessment is typically good across all key stages, with some that is better, including in the sixth form (Click here)

    • Teachers have very positive relationships with pupils, based on respect and learning
    • Poor behaviour is now very rare. Pupils make the most of their learning time, and respond to staff instructions quickly and appropriately
    • Teachers have a thorough understanding of their subject
    • Pupils at St Peter’s are well mannered, respectful and considerate towards each other and staff


  • High quality and intensive pastoral care (Click here)

    • Pastoral year teams contain numerous well-trained staff who know pupils well, and use this knowledge to pre-empt any problems or provide additional support that pupils might need
    • The school is calm and orderly
    • Pupils’ behaviour for learning and their attitudes towards learning are good
    • Pupils follow instructions well, and settle to work quickly
    • Pupils say they feel safe


  • The work of the dedicated team for children looked after is meticulous (Click here)

    • Pupils are proud of their school and look after it
    • Pupils say that bullying is very rare and that staff deal with the few incidence quickly and effectively
    • Non-disadvantaged pupils made progress that was significantly above the national average (in 2016)
    • In a number of subjects, some prior attaining groups such as the least able in English and Mathematics, made progress that was significantly higher than other pupils nationally


  • Good teaching, high quality leadership and monitoring, and targeted intervention, led to steady improvement in the sixth form outcomes in 2016 (Click here)

    • Students have made better progress year on year in the 6th form (…) Current school information would indicate that these outcomes are going to continue to rise steadily
    • Personal development and welfare in the 6th form Is very good. Students feel well supported and cared for.
    • These articulate, confident and caring young people are very well prepared to be active adults in Britain
    • Students are well prepared for their next stages in education, training or employment


  • Ofsted Chief Inspector visits Cambridgeshire secondary school to launch annual Ofsted report

    Ofsted Chief Inspector of Schools Amanda Spielman chose to visit St Peter’s School in Huntingdon to launch her first Ofsted annual report in recognition of the rapid improvements at the school.

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