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St Peter's School

Key Stage 4 Drama

Year 10

Students develop their understanding and skills in performance in preparation for their Component 2 performance exam in Year 11. They then develop research and devising techniques, applying that to their Component 1 Devising Unit at the end of Year 10.

Autumn Term
Students explore skills in performance and produce a performance of 2 extracts of a modern published playtext in the format of their Component 2 examination. . After half term students participate in a series of GCSE workshops to develop their skills in the devising process, which they record either digitally or in writing. .

Spring Term
Students learn more about theatre practitioners: Stanislavski, Artaud and Brecht through the practical devising  project. They see a Live Performance and write a comprehensive evaluation about it in preparation for their examination in Component 3  in Year 11.. They complete a full Component 1 Devising Mock

Summer Term
Students complete their Component 1 Devising assessment , including a performance,. This component is worth 40% of their total GCSE marks.   It is assessed internally and moderated externally.

Year 11

The emphasis is on encouraging students to build on their successes in Year 10 to maximize their achievement and widen their knowledge about Drama and Theatre. Students start to become aware of the opportunities for further study post 16.

Autumn Term
 Students study a play text for Component 3 in workshops and sit a mock Taster sessions for AS  Drama and Theatre Studies and BTEC Performing Arts are offered. After half term students then focus on preparing their performance for examination in the spring term for Component 2.

Spring Term
Students prepare for their Performance paper. They rehearse in groups 2 extracts from a published play using the range of skills learned in the course.  This paper is worth 20% of the overall GCSE grade and is marked externally. After half term students see a live performance and practise written responses in preparation for the externally assessed Component 3 examination. Further work is done on preparing the students on their set text.

Summer Term
Students sit their Component 3  paper in May to complete their GCSE.



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