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St Peter's School

KS5 Applied Science (OCR)

Lead Teacher Miss E Nash (

Applied AS/ A level GCE (H175)

The Advanced GCE (Double Award) is made up of four mandatory and two optional units at AS and six further units at A2 (three mandatory and three optional). The choice of the option is teacher discretion.

The AS GCE is made up of three mandatory units which form 50% of the corresponding six-unit Advanced GCE.

The AS GCE (Double Award) is made up of four mandatory units and two optional units which form 50% of the corresponding twelve-unit Advanced GCE (Double Award).

The skills, knowledge and understanding required for the first half of an Advanced GCE course are contained in the ‘Advanced Subsidiary’ (AS) units. The level of demand of the AS examination is that expected of candidates half-way through a full Advanced GCE course of study.


AS Levels

1 - Key concepts in science

2 - Applied experimental techniques

3 - Science in the modern world


A2 Units

Unit 1 - Mind and brain 

Unit 2 -Investigating scientists work

Unit 3 / exam topic - Working waves


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