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St Peter's School

KS3 Science

There are 10 topics that are developed throughout the 8 terms. Each topic includes an investigation which develops the investigative skills of the pupils. Within course pupils have repeated opportunities to practise each skill.  

Curriculum information:


Term 1

Term 2

Term 3


Forces 1: Speed

Energy 1: Energy costs

Waves 1: Sound

Forces 1: gravity

Energy 1: Energy transfer

Waves 1: Light

Matter 1: Particle Model

Ecosystems 1: Interdependence

Reactions 1: Metals and Non metals

Matter 1: Seperating mixtures

Ecosystems 1: Plant reproduction

Reactions 1: Acids and Alkalis

Organisms 1: Movement


Genes 1: Variation

Organisms 1: Cells




Electromagnets 1: Voltage and resistance

Forces 2: Contact forces

Energy 2: Work

Electromagnets 1: Current

Forces 2: Pressure

Energy 2: Heating and Cooling

Earth 1: Earths structure

Genes 2: Evolution

Matter 2: Periodic Table

Earth 1 :Universe

Genes 2: Inheritance

Matter 2: Elements

Organisms 1: Breathing


Genes 1: Human reproduction

Organisms 1: Digestion




Electromagnets 2: Electromagnets

Ecosystem 2: Respiration


Electromagnets2: Magnets

Ecosystem 2: Photosynthesis


Waves 2: Wave effects

Earth 2: Climate


Waves 2: Properties of waves

Earth 2: Earths resources


Reactions 2: Chemical energy



Reactions 2: Types of reactions




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