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St Peter's School


Geographic skills are threaded throughout the KS3 as they look into places and people and issues such as why are poor countries poor? and why people move.  GSCE exam skills are also part of the foundation of this key stage.  Enquiry skills are essential and perform and element in each lesson but also each unit of study.  All years reflect the new GCSE topics and prepare the students for KS4.


Year 7

Often students transition from primary to secondary and they do not realise how much Geography they know.  So, the first unit they study “where they live” from the global perspective of the world to continents, then zooming to Britain, England then Huntingdon.  This is then built upon by following the Meridian line from London through different countries in which they study.  Then from this they look at more countries through the lense of “why do people visit places?”  The year culminates in an enquiry around the school and present a letter to the Head with recommendations they have found.


Year 8

This year starts investigating an age old question of “why are poor countries poor?” which is not as simplistic as they first think.  This then links to the next topic of “why do people move” which is another topical debate of our times. Further physical geographical themes are then studied using rivers and coasts and the issues of how climate change has had an effect on them.  This year also ends with an independent enquiry around Huntingdon.


Year 9

This year follows the units of the paper 1 of the new GCSE.  It starts with Hazardous environments weather and climate and global climate change.  This builds and solidifies many of the earlier subjects and encourages more independent investigations.  The year ends with an investigation in Hinchinbrooke country park to investigate if it is sustainably managed or not.


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    Ofsted Chief Inspector of Schools Amanda Spielman chose to visit St Peter’s School in Huntingdon to launch her first Ofsted annual report in recognition of the rapid improvements at the school.

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