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St Peter's School

Grade 4 Revision Topics

These topics are often required for a 4 grade in Maths.

  • Rounding numbers to one significant figure in estimation problems.

  • Adding and subtracting Fractions, including mixed fractions.

  • Express a number as the product of its prime factors. 

  • Calculate percentage increase and decrease, including VAT.

  • Divide an amount into a given ratio.

  • Multiply a single term over a bracket.

  • Plot graphs by the use of a table of values.

  • Solve equations with brackets and fractions.

  • Find the general term of a sequence.

  • Solve inequalities by the use of a number line.

  • Find the area of parallelograms and trapeziums.

  • Know and recall facts of alternate and corresponding angles.

  • Identify the scale factor of an enlargement as a ratio of the lengths.

  • Calculate the midpoint of a line.

  • Understand, recall, and, use Pythagoras' Theorem.

  • Understand, recall, and, use the laws of Probability.

  • Find the mean from a frequency table.

  • Describe correlation from a scatter diagram and a line of best fit.

  • Use effective methods for random sampling.


  • Ofsted Chief Inspector visits Cambridgeshire secondary school to launch annual Ofsted report

    Ofsted Chief Inspector of Schools Amanda Spielman chose to visit St Peter’s School in Huntingdon to launch her first Ofsted annual report in recognition of the rapid improvements at the school.

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