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GCSE (9–1) study in Physical Education should be broad, coherent and practical, encourage learners to be inspired, motivated and challenged by the subject and enable them to make informed decisions about further learning opportunities and career pathways.

GCSE (9–1) specifications in Physical Education will equip learners with the knowledge, understanding, skills and values to develop and maintain their performance in physical activities and understand the benefits to health, fitness and well-being.

This will require them to:

• develop theoretical knowledge and understanding of the factors that underpin physical activity and sport and use this knowledge to improve performance

• understand how the physiological and psychological state affects performance in physical activity and sport

• perform effectively in different physical activities by developing skills and techniques and selecting and using tactics, strategies and/ or compositional ideas

• develop their ability to analyse and evaluate to improve performance in physical activity and sport

• understand the contribution which physical activity and sport make to health, fitness and well-being

• understand key socio-cultural influences which can affect people’s involvement in physical activity and sport.


Physical factors affecting performance (01)

60 marks 1 hour written paper

Applied anatomy and physiology Physical training

30% of total GCSE


Socio-cultural issues and sports psychology (02)

60 marks 1 hour written paper

Socio-cultural influences Sports psychology Health, fitness and well-being

30% of total GCSE


Performance in physical education (03)*

80 marks non-exam assessment (NEA)

Practical activity assessment Analysing and Evaluating Performance (AEP)

40% of total GCSE



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