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St Peter's School


Contact - S Meacham-Roberts - Assistant Head of English -

The English department provides all our students with a personalized learning experience throughout their time at St Peter’s School. We pride ourselves on our exciting approaches to teaching English and encourage every student to achieve their potential. The department will continue to develop every aspect of our practice to ensure outstanding performance is shared.

Department Aims and Objectives:

  • To encourage all students to analyse a range of texts
  • For all students to enjoy reading and writing and develop as
  • To develop student understanding to make them more independent learners
  • To maintain our high standards in the classroom and for our planning and delivery at every Key Stage
  • To set achievable targets that challenge students but are attainable with effort and commitment


  • Ofsted Chief Inspector visits Cambridgeshire secondary school to launch annual Ofsted report

    Ofsted Chief Inspector of Schools Amanda Spielman chose to visit St Peter’s School in Huntingdon to launch her first Ofsted annual report in recognition of the rapid improvements at the school.

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