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St Peter's School

Design and Technology

Contact - C Peters - Head of Design and Technology -

The Design and Technology department is situated in two areas of the school. The Product Design area is in the A block, and comprises of one design/ research area and two workshops. Hair and Beauty is taught in a custom built salon with industry standard equipment. Food and Textiles are on the first floor of the S block and include two food rooms, a textiles room and a design/ research base.


Design and Technology: Mission statement

As a department we believe that Design and Technology is vital because it is concerned with all aspects of how we live and is linked to our intellectual, emotional and physical needs.

  • It enables students to take action through working creatively and collaboratively, and engages them in high level thinking and decision making. The skills learnt are empowering, diverse and appropriate to their action taking.
  • Design and Technology is delivered in the context of the designed and manufactured world. The decision making and action taking that students engage in will enable them to produce products, concepts, systems or environmental outcomes. Students take ownership of their world and in doing so seek to improve it through enquiry and exploration. The benefits of this to students enable them to contribute to culture, society and industry.
  • As a species we stand to face our biggest threats in the coming decades. Over population, lack of resources, rising sea levels and global warming will put strain on every part of the planet. Only designers can help us solve these problems. Without design there is no future for mankind. Without design and technology in schools and universities there is no design. Design and Technology is valuable because it enables an understanding to develop of the affect that we have on environment through the products we consume. It shows how these issues can be addressed through including sustainability and the 6R’s in projects. We want to develop an understanding and use of the sustainable approach to enable students to be socially responsible as both designers and consumers. A more realistic hope for the future, and one that needs considerable investment is this; designers solve problems, designers can, and will design products that overcome the problems associated with global warming and the threat to our continued existence.



Our subject is exciting and relevant and gives students the tools to be resourceful and self managing. Below are the characteristics of Design Technology that we encourage at all times with our students in all key stages.



• be innovative and willing to take risks when designing and making.

• To get the WOW factor

• Feel their opinion is valued but it must be informed.

• Ask questions and keep asking questions

• Appreciate the nature of research the need to use judgment

• Be aware of current issues e.g. sustainability.

• Appreciate that there isn’t always a clear answer or one answer.

• Understand Design and Technology because it is necessary to appreciate how it affects all aspects of our day to day life.

• Develop empathy particularly when working in a practical situation.



The aims are of our Department are to build up and develop the following:

  • Independent learning that leads to problem solving
  • Allow the  students to build up knowledge and skills of materials and processes
  • Increase awareness of culture, how technology operates within society.
  • Put it in context by introducing current designers and makers.



The Design Technology Department has three members of staff:

C. Peters

Head of Design and Technology

M. Lavallin

Teacher of Design and Technology Food and Textiles

M. Gregory

Teacher of Design and Technology Assistant Deputy Head


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