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St Peter's School

Curriculum Map






Year 7

Introduction to Drama:

  • Still Image
  • Melting up and down
  • Mime
  • Prepared improvisation
  • Performance skills
  • Role of an Audience
  • Basic evaluation

Introduction to Comic Acting: Commedia del’Arte.



Exploring Shakespeare extracts: The Tempest

  • Teacher in Role
  • Shakespeare’s language
  • Dumbshow

Drama from a Novel: Midwich Cuckoos

  • Role play
  • Choral movement
  • Choral speaking
  • Responding to a Narrator
  • Forum Theatre

Introduction to Tension: the Tell Tale Heart.

  • Introduction to physical theatre
  • Sound collage

Introduction to Script:

  • Basic script conventions of extradialogic stage directions
  • Basic blocking
  • Vocal skills.

Year 8

Exploring the theme of “Outsiders”:  Outsiders from the Middle Ages

  • Role play based on research
  • Conscience Alley skill
  • Performance elements and different interpretations  from professional productions for a performance of the opening scene of Macbeth
  • Evaluation and analysis of audience reaction

Drama Forms:-

  • Melodrama:

Modern melodrama : Soap opera

Traditional Melodrama: The Red Barn

  • Silent Movie

Exploring Text for Performance using  Scary Play published by the National Theatre


  • Applying voice to text
  • Applying hot-seating to text
  • Applying proxemics to text
  • Applying Thought Tracking to text
  • Applying design elements to text

Evacuees: -

Workshops exploring different perspectives on displaced people in C20.

Year 9

  • Naturalism: using the script extracts Setting The Fuses
  • Introduction to Stanislavksi
  • Developing tension
  • Stage combat
  • Pantomime; creating and performing.
  • Non naturalism:
  • Introduction to Artaud
  • The “ mixed styles” production- exploring  a combination of naturalism and non- naturalism in The Landlady by Roald Dahl, and in Bedlam.

Writing about texts in performance

  • Sparkle shark
  • One shot

Review and evaluationof live or recorded performance

Year 10

Current Specification

Edexcel GCSE Drama 2Dr01

  •  Introduction to Unit 1 Exploration A Bare Hillside
  •  Introduction to Unit 3 Performance
  • Mock Unit 3 ( performance )  Consequences
  • Introduction to Unit 2
  • Practitioners: Brecht
  •  Mock Unit 2  full script: Blood Brothers
  • Mock Unit 1 Riots
  • Writing about Unit 1
  • Unit 1 Outsiders Practical and Documentary evidence

Year 11

Current Specification  Edexcel GCSE Drama 2Dr01

  • Unit 2 Gizmo Practical and written assessment
  • Evaluation of Live Theatre
  • Mock Unit 3
  • Preparing to devise an extended drama
  • Unit 3 showcase
  • Unit 3 Performance examination

Year 12

Current Specification  Edexcel BTEC Performing Arts Level 3 ( Acting)lism and non naturalism in e opneing the top of me that I had his phone  and thay Certificate

  • Site Specific Performance ( Unit 102)
  • Principles of Acting ( Unit 19)
  • Auditions for Actors ( Unit 18)

Year 13

Current Specification  Edexcel BTEC Performing Arts Level 3 ( Acting)lism and non naturalism in e opneing the top of me that I had his phone  and thay Subsidiary Diploma.

  • Theatre for Children (Unit 11)
  • Contemporary Theatre Performance ( Unit 13)
  • Performing to an Audience ( Unit 7).


  • Ofsted Chief Inspector visits Cambridgeshire secondary school to launch annual Ofsted report

    Ofsted Chief Inspector of Schools Amanda Spielman chose to visit St Peter’s School in Huntingdon to launch her first Ofsted annual report in recognition of the rapid improvements at the school.

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