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St Peter's School


Years 7 and 8 follow the key stage 3 curriculum as set out in the National Strategy.  Both year groups are set according to target level and Mathematics ability.  For further information, please contact Mrs A. Davies (

The Linear EdExcel GCSE syllabus starts with year 9 students, with a lot of emphasis on Functional Mathematics and real-life problem solving tasks. We hope that students will appreciate the importance and relevance of Mathematics from its applications through these tasks.

All KS 3 and 4 students have a test at the end of every topic.  We strongly encourage parents to contact the relevant teachers for grades and levels of these topic test.  Please refer to the Contact Us page for email addresses of all teachers in the department.  

AS Mathematicians follow the EdExcel AS Mathematics syllabus, studying Core 1, Core 2, and, Statistics 1. All exams are taken at the end of Year 12.  Please refer to the AS and A level support page for recommended support materials.  

A Level Mathematicians follow the EdExcel A2 Mathematics syllabus. They study Core 3, Core 4, and, Statistics 2.  The exam for Statistics 2 are in January.  Re-sits are at the department's discretion. Core 3 and 4 are taken in May / June.  Please refer to the AS and A level support page for recommended support materials.

Year 13 Further Mathematicians study FP2, Mechanics 2, and, Statistics 3, from EdExcel syllabus. Mechanics 2 is taken in January whilst FP 2 and Statistics 3 are taken in May / June.


  • Ofsted Chief Inspector visits Cambridgeshire secondary school to launch annual Ofsted report

    Ofsted Chief Inspector of Schools Amanda Spielman chose to visit St Peter’s School in Huntingdon to launch her first Ofsted annual report in recognition of the rapid improvements at the school.

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