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St Peter's School

Approach to Geography

As a department within a school that is heading towards a more vocational approach we need to ensure that our subject is exciting and relevant. Listed below are the characteristics of Geography teaching that we encourage at all times with our pupils in all key stages.


We encourage geographers to:

  • Note and credit all sources.
  • Feel their opinion is valued but it must be informed.
  • Ask questions and keep asking questions.
  • Be aware of the reliability and bias of all sources.
  • Appreciate the nature of data, the need to use judgement and informed guesstimates.
  • Be aware of stereotypes and generalisations.
  • Be aware of current issues and topical events.
  • Appreciate that there isn’t always a clear answer or one answer.
  • Appreciate an understanding of Geography is necessary to understanding and participating in the world at large, whether one studies Geography further or not.
  • Appreciate that Geographers can and should change the World.
  • Develop empathy.

We can encourage these through:

  • Discussion with pupils (class, small group and one-to-one)
  • Direct questioning
  • Written comments in books
  • Nature of tasks set
  • Differentiation
  • Providing pupils with varied reading
  • Modelling this approach/leading by example


Walk in the rain,

smell flowers,

stop along the way,

build sandcastles,

go on filed trips,

find out how things work,

tell stories,

say the magic words,

trust the universe.

Bruce Williamson


Geography GCSE Revision (content to be uploaded)

Geography Controlled Assessment (content to be uploaded)


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Teacher of Geography


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