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St Peter's School

Uniform Statement

St Peter’s School has unashamedly high expectations of all students and members of staff. This is clearly demonstrated by our recent Ofsted inspection which noted significant improvements and judged us as being a ‘Good’ school. This was then further reinforced by our exam results this summer which were the highest the school has ever achieved and 66% of students achieved a Grade 4 or higher in both English and maths.

To maintain these high standards of education, we extend these high expectations to behaviour, attendance and uniform. Unfortunately you may have seen some recent sensational headlines around our uniform policy and I wanted to clarify the school’s position on this matter.

Our uniform policy clearly sets out our expectations and requirements, and establishes a professional appearance and standard for everyone at the school. It is pleasing to see the vast majority of our students upholding these high expectations every day.

The education of the children in our care remains our highest priority and even if the full uniform has not been worn we have allowed students to continue attending school and their lessons. We have then issued detentions to students who persistently choose to challenge these expectations. The school has also provided the students with suitable clothing that meet the requirements of our uniform policy so that they are able to continue their education without any further distractions.

The school leadership team, the governing body and the Cam Academy Trust are fully supportive of our teachers if they decide to issue further detentions to students who continue to challenge the uniform policy.

A copy of the school’s uniform policy, which includes guidance on what is and what is not acceptable, can be found on our website. If you have any queries about the suitability of an item of clothing, please do get in touch with the school reception who can provide further guidance.



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