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St Peter's School

St Peter's is a 'Good' School!

I am delighted to inform you of the outcome of St Peter’s School’s Ofsted inspection that took place on 2nd/3rd March, the full report of which can be found at  

The school has now been judged to be a ‘Good’ school.  This reflects the hard work of our students who, supported by their parents and guided by our staff, have demonstrated their positive attitude towards their learning.

I am delighted that our students, supported by the pastoral teams which ‘contain numerous well trained staff who know pupils well and use this knowledge to pre-empt any problems or provide additional support,’ have demonstrated the best characteristics of St Peter’s School.  Students are ‘well mannered, respectful and considerate towards each other and staff.’

Our students can be proud of themselves as they demonstrated that their ‘behaviour for learning and their attitude towards learning are good.’  This is reflected in the report as inspectors observed that ‘pupils follow instructions well and settle to work quickly’ with poor behaviour being ‘very rare.’

You will be aware that St Peter’s School was judged to be inadequate due to incomplete records regarding our safeguarding practices for a small minority of pupils.  The March 2017 report now clearly states that safeguarding is a ‘real strength of the school’ which now ‘champions best practice in safeguarding.’  These rapid improvements, underpinned by ‘teaching…(which) is typically good across all key stages’ are supporting students to exceed the record breaking results achieved in the GCSE and A level examinations in 2016.  The report highlights that ‘non-disadvantaged pupils made progress that was significantly above the national average’ with pupils making ‘progress that was significantly higher than other pupils nationally’ in English and Mathematics.


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