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St Peter's School

The Headteacher's response to today's newspaper reports

A report in The Sunday Times on 26th June, 2016, highlights how racist leaflets of an inflammatory and offensive anti-Polish nature were found outside St Peter’s School, Huntingdon. In response the school’s headteacher, Christopher Bennet, and the Chair of Governors, Mark Goodridge,  have issued this statement:


We want to make it absolutely clear that the messages in these leaflets are not promoted within our school. The whole St Peter’s community finds such attitudes abhorrent. Staff, as educators, believe implicitly in students upholding British values of respect, responsibility, democracy and harmony while highlighting the benefits of living in a multicultural society.

Education at St Peter’s is based on our ethos of supporting students to become successful adults. We embrace students from more than twenty different countries speaking almost thirty languages, and we are currently hosting 45 students from China and Spain. With twenty per cent of our students born outside of the United Kingdom, St Peter’s reflects the growing multicultural landscape of our country. To ensure our students receive the best possible care, support and academic guidance, St Peter’s also employs staff from six countries. This has allowed the quality of our students’ learning experience to improve significantly in a short period. 

We believe in the benefit of increasing the cultural experience of all young people. We are committed to all students and staff working together to expand students’ perspectives of the world and we ensure our young people become successful adults promoting ethnic and cultural harmony wherever in the world they move on to.



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