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Welcome to Personal Development and Life Skills

A single lesson of Personal Development of one hour each week is included on the timetable of every student.  This is used to cover the many cross-curricular aspects of the National Curriculum and other areas of personal, social and health education that are not included in the content of the subject-based curriculum.  We believe that a thorough grounding in careers education, citizenship and health education is vital to students’ success in the adult world and we lay particular emphasis on these facets of the Personal Development programme. 

Personal Development is taught in year-based groups by teams comprising all teaching staff. In addition, Group Tutors contribute to a programme of Personal Learning Planning in KS3 and Progress File in KS4 and 11 and the Sixth Form.  This leads to the completion of a Student Progress File that is part of every school leaver’s entitlement.


All secondary schools are now required to provide a programme of Citizenship teaching.  We welcome this change and firmly believe that our school can play an important role in encouraging students to become responsible citizens.

Citizenship teaching includes understanding diversity and difference, political literacy and active community involvement.  We presently do not offer separate citizenship lessons.  Instead, Citizenship forms part of the Personal Development programme and a number of subject areas also deliver specific Citizenship topics.  Students also have the opportunity to get more actively involved by participating


  • Post 16 Results Press Release August 2017

    As the headteacher of St Peter’s School, I am proud of our students’ achievements who, supported by their parents and guided by our staff, have achieved the highest possible grade across a broad range of subjects.  This year students have continued to demonstrate both their academic and personal development through attaining the grades necessary to secure places at prestigious universities such as Durham, Birmingham, Loughborough, York and Nottingham.

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