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Geography today is exciting and dynamic. It looks at the world and how people affect it. We are part of this planet and we depend on this significantly fragile environment. So, geography enables people to understand the process and systems in the natural environment and investigate issues that are of a global, national and local concern in the hope for a more informed and brighter future.
“Geography provokes answers and questions about the natural and human worlds, using different scales of enquiry to view from different perspectives. It develops knowledge of place and environments, understanding of maps and a range of investigative and problem solving skills. It prepares pupils for adult life and employment” national strategy. Gov 2005

How is learning organized?

Years 7,8 and 9

In year 7 pupils focus on acquiring skills through the study of the local area and home region. In years 8 and 9 we used skills developed in year 7 to look at patterns and processes on a broader continental and global scale. Case studies from different countries are used to illustrate the broad themes of population and settlement, economic development, management of environments, resources and quality of life. There are field study trips for each year group.

Years 10 and 11

Pupils in year 10 and 11 can follow a geography GCSE course with five main themes:

  • Physical systems and environments
  • Natural hazards and people
  • Economic systems and development
  • Population and settlement
  • Sustainable development

Coursework based on fieldwork comprises 20% of the final mark with the final exam compromising 80%

Current syllabus: AQA syllabus A


  • Post 16 Results Press Release August 2017

    As the headteacher of St Peter’s School, I am proud of our students’ achievements who, supported by their parents and guided by our staff, have achieved the highest possible grade across a broad range of subjects.  This year students have continued to demonstrate both their academic and personal development through attaining the grades necessary to secure places at prestigious universities such as Durham, Birmingham, Loughborough, York and Nottingham.

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