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Curriculum Map






Forces 1: Speed

Forces 1: gravity

Matter 1: Particle model

Matter 1: Separating mixtures

Organisms1; movement

Organisms 1:Cells

Energy 1: Energy costs

Energy 1: Energy transfer

Ecosystems 1: Interdependence

Ecosystems 1: Plant reproduction

Waves 1: Sound

Waves 1: Light

Reactions 1: Metals and non-metals

Reactions 1: Acids and Alkalis

Genes 1: variation


Electromagnets 1: Voltage and resistance

Electromagnets 1: Current

Earths 1: Earths structure

Earth 1: universe

Organisms 1: Breathing

Organisms 1: Digestion

Forces 2:Contact forces

Forces 2: pressure

Genes 2: Evolution

Genes 2: Inheritance


Energy 2: Heating and Cooling

Energy 2: Work

Matter 2: Elements

Matter 2: Elements

Genes 2: Human reproduction


Electromagnets 2: Magnets

Electromagnets2: Electromagnets

Waves 2: Wave effects

Waves 2: properties of waves

Reactions 2: Chemical energy

Reactions2: Types of reactions

Ecosystems 2: Respiration

Ecosystems 2: Photosynthesis

Earth 2: Climate

Earth 2: Earths resources

Cells – GCSE Biology

GCSE Chemistry – Atomic structure

GCSE Physics – Forces 1

10 Biology




10 Chemistry


Chemical changes

Rate of reactions


10 Physics



Particle model

11 Biology

Infection & Response



11 Chemistry

Quantitative chemistry

Energy changes

Chemical analysis

Chemistry of the atmosphere

Using resources

11 Physics

Atomic structure

Forces 2


Magnetism and Electromagnetism

(Space – triple only)

12 Biology

OCR module 2: Foundations of biology



Practical endorsement

Module 3: Exchange & transport


OCR Module 4: Biodiversity Evolution & Disease


Practical endorsement

Revision of all modules


Practical endorsement

12 Chemistry

OCR Module 4: Core organic chemistry


Module 2: Foundations in chemistry


Practical endorsement

OCR module 3 The periodic table and energy


Practical endorsement

Revision of all modules


Practical endorsement

12 Physics

OCR Module 2: Foundations of physics


Module 3: Forces and Motion


Practical endorsement

OCR Module 4: Electrons, Waves & Photons


Practical Endorsement

Revision of all modules


Practical endorsement

12 Psychology

AQA Unit 1: Memory, Attachment &

Social Influence Research methods


AQA Unit 2: Approaches in Psychology & Psychopathology

Research Methods


Revision of all modules

12 Applied Science

Unit 1 Fundamentals of Science

Unit 2 Working in the Science Industry

Unit 4 Scientific Practical Techniques

13 Biology

OCR Module 5: Communication, homeostasis and energy

Practical endorsement

OCR Module 6: Genetics and ecosystems

Practical endorsement

Revision of all modules

13 Chemistry

OCR Recap Unit 1: Module 1 Rings Polymers and Analysis

Unit 1: Module 2 Polymers and Synthesis

Unit 2: Module 3 transition metals

Unit 2 Module 2 Energy (half)


OCR Unit 2 Module 2 Energy (half)

Revision all modules

Practical Assessments


Revision of all modules

Practical Assessments


13 Physics

OCR G484 – The Newtonian World

OCR G485 – Fields, Particles and Frontiers of Physics.

Practical Assessments


Practical Assessments

Revision of all modules


13 Psychology

AQA PSYA3: Biological rhythms and sleep , Aggression, Cognition and Development

PSYA4: Psychology in Action (Addictive behaviour)


AQA PSYA3: Aggression continued

PSYA4: Psychopathology revision, Psychology in Action revision


Revision of all modules

13 Applied Science

Unit G635 Working Waves


Unit G632 Mind & Brain


Unit G635 Working Waves


Unit G267 Investigating Scientists Work


Unit G635 Working Waves


G622 Monitoring the activity of the human body



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