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Head Teacher's Report to the Governors - Summer 2013

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Ofsted Monitoring Inspection Visit

Dear Parent/Carer

I am pleased to send the letter received yesterday from the Ofsted HMI, Elaine Taylor, who visited the school on 8 May to conduct the monitoring visit following our Section 5 inspection in January. (Please follow the link at the end of this notice).

As you will read, the day went extremely well and the Inspector was impressed with the evidence we presented, the teaching she saw, the students she spoke to and the progress made against the areas highlighted in the report. This time we were given more opportunity to present our evidence and discuss in detail our plans for getting to Ofsted "Good". The HMI will now take on a supportive role as and when we need advice and we have asked her to visit again in the Autumn term following 2013 results. The HMI can decide when we are ready for another full inspection which she can initiate.

Once again, thank you for all the support you have given the school. The visit was very reassuring and we remain committed to achieving the best possible outcomes for all our students.

Val Ford
Head Teacher
Monitoring Inspection visit 08-05-13 - letter  


Pupil Premium Funding

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Absences - The telephone number for reporting absences is 01480 846770.


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